About Power-of-You



At Power-of-You.org our mission is to break down barriers & encourage individuals to volunteer.


Our vision is to become THE place for individuals to turn to if they want to give back to a community.


  • Transparency: no agency fees
  • Volunteering: the biggest gift you can offer is your time & skills – not money (though that’s also good!)
  • Passion: you will maximise impact if you do something you love
  • Leadership: working with the charity, you decide your work plan & your hours
  • Every Little Helps: be it a 3 month sabbatical or a 1 week holiday, if you can spare some hours… let us know.
  • Love: Have a fantastic time doing great things


Right now, due to my passion for, contacts & confidence in the fact that anyone who is lucky enough to interact with the Volunteer Centre and Cape Town will have a rich experience, Power-of-You.org is focussed on breaking barriers to volunteering in Cape Town South Africa.

In the future, I hope that the focus will shift from break barriers in South Africa to “breaking barriers to volunteering World Wide”.

Why? Well the same way I’m passionate for helping South Africa, you may have passion elsewhere and I consider that one more barrier to break.