At Power-of-You we offer 3 different types of volunteering programs to ensure your passion and skills are fully leveraged whilst also ensuring both your and the NGOs’ expectations are met:

1) Experienced Volunteers: This program essentially puts you in touch with the right NGOs for free. This will be done based on the time you have available, your passion, location and skills. This program is the core differentiator between Power-of-You and other volunteer organisations… maximum impact, zero agency fees.

2) Youth Program: Less experienced volunteers will find it hard to walk into an NGO and have the leadership and autonomy to consult from day 1. For this reason we also offer the Youth Program. This targets students with a passion to understand more about volunteering and NGO work. The program includes Orienteering, Accommodation, Food and the chance to get involved in local NGO programs.

3) Remote Volunteering: for those who want to make a difference but are not able to travel to Cape Town any time soon!