Heaven Shelter House

Brief description and main aims
A shelter for homeless, destitute, abused and abandoned women and children, where they are provided with the very basic and spiritual needs. The main objective of the project is to assist the clients of the shelter to regain their dignity and self worth by empowering them and equipping them with some “tools” to help intergrate them back into society.

Within the shelter, the volunteer will act as an extension to their very small staff team, supplementing and enhancing the services that they offer. Volunteers will experience living and working within an alternate social environment, as opposed to the popular tourist notions of our country.

Main Activities
Project activities:
  • Create a website
  • Child Carers
  • Initiating a library and assist in sustainability of the library assistant
  • Kitchen assistant – Prep of and assist with handing out of meals
  • Initiating, structuring and maintaining of crèche (kindergarten)
  • Home work assistants – creativity is needed
  • Initiating and attending of a vegetable garden
  • Donation Collection
  • Marketing of project with donors and other
Volunteer tasks
General work like cleaning etc., initiators of programmes eg. library, garden crèche, supporters, educators, marketers of programmes, listeners/ counselling, helpers in kitchen, garden, and library etc.
Volunteer requirements / Skills
  • Volunteers will definitely have to be people that will plan and implement.
  • We need volunteers that can use their own initiative and think creatively.
  • People that are able to be creative with few resources and that are open to constructive criticism and communicate constructively.
  • We need people that is non-judgemental and has empathy for the less fortunate.
  • We need people that are willing to roll up their sleeves and give 100%.
  • Volunteers with both technical, manual skills are needed.
  • Gender is not an issue.
  • Be team players, and obey the rules of the country.
Mitchell’s Plain is a largely colored township about 20 km from the city of Cape Town. It is located on the Cape Flats on the False Bay coast between Strandfontein and Khayelitsha.
Conceived of as a “model township” by the Apartheid government, it was built during the 1970s to provide housing for colored victims of forced removal due to the implementation of the Group Areas Act (many families relocated here from District Six when it was razed to the ground).

Mitchells Plain is one of fifteen areas identified as high priority for action against crime and drug abuse – renowned for its gangsterism and tik addiction amongst its youth, and although violent gangs are a way of life, Mitchell’s Plain in no way resembles the informal settlements that line the N2.

Hosting Situation (Board & Lodging)
Residantial project, the volunteers live at the project.