Safety tips:

  • Do not use ATMs on Long Street or after dark (go to indoor ATMs)
  • Caution should be exercised when using all public transport options
  • Do not flash valuables (phones, jewelry, electronics) – especially at night
  • When in doubt take a taxi (marked and metered taxi, learn to negotiate and know your way home!)
  • Travel in groups whenever possible
  • Carry emergency cash separately
  • Don’t give money to people in the streets (don’t pull out your wallet)
  • Be weary of anyone who approaches you when you are at an ATM (a common scam includes people telling you that you need to put the card back in the machine because there was an error)
  • Always hide your PIN, even in stores or restaurants
  • Have an over-the-shoulder bag rather than a hand purse as it is harder to steal
  • Always keep a backup card and backup money at home
  • Only carry the necessary amount of cash (not more than 300 Rands on average)